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When I first moved from Australia to Tokyo in early 2013, the only sheet face mask I had seen was SKII Facial Treatment Mask which was really expensive and exclusive to Australian department stores. Not something you could imagine using (or could afford to use everyday!) So when I first walked into the Japanese beauty stores imagine my surprise to see the aisles filled with hundreds of different sheet masks. They were even for sale at the konbini (convenience store)- quite clever really.

I have written more about my experience embracing Japanese sheet masks before (read here) and they are now a staple skincare product for myself, and by the look of the beauty shelves in Australia in 2019- it is a Japanese beauty trend (YES that's right- originally Japanese not Korean!) that is here to stay.

It is safe to say, that over the past 6 years I have tried more than my fair share of Japanese face masks. I have tried all of them - the crazy ones, seasonal limited editions, the affordable drugstore versions and the luxurious high end brands. I have to admit there and some amazing face mask and however there are many that don't really do much.

Now that I older (let's just say 40+), I expect more from my skincare products. I don't buy into the hype as much- and in true Japanese Beauty style I am looking for quality ingredients, safety (who wants an adverse reaction- been there, done that), quality and effectiveness. I want it to improve the condition of the skin. I am not looking gimmicky promises of immediate results, as I know that consistency and a holistic approach is needed to improve the appearance of your skin.

That is why I love the Ayama Moisturing Masks and have decided to include them in the Tokyo Beauty Book online store (visit the store here).

Ayama Moisturising Masks provide an essential, ongoing part of my weekly skincare routine. I try to mask 2 times per week, sometimes more if I have the chance. I love Ayama masks they hydrate, nourish and help to strengthen the skin barrier (thank you ceramides) to improve the quality of my skin. They are reliably good. No gimmicks. No crazy ingredients. Just the ingredients that you skin needs and nothing more.

A true J-Beauty product.

For more details see below. Alisa xx


What is Ayama Moisturising Mask?

An intensive moisture boosting Japanese sheet mask that deeply hydrates and conditions the skin.

Sold in a box containing 3 individually wrapped sheet masks.


About the brand?

Ayama is a Japanese luxury face mask brand based in Tokyo. Ayama epitomises the true essence of Japanese beauty- it is not concerned with trends. Ayama mask are sold only in high-end luxury hotels and spa's in Japan. One very exclusive Japanese boutique hotel includes Ayama Moisturising mask in their carefully curated bathroom amenities for their discerning guests.

What does it do?

Hydrates, conditions and protects the skin- improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting skin firmness and adding a touch of glow (with the much loved Vitamin C). No need to worry about adverse effects as all of the skincare ingredients have been carefully considered and selected to give your skin exactly what it needs to look nourished and hydrated.

Who is it suited to?

AYAMA Moisturising Masks are ideal for all skin types and for everyday use.

As the Ayama formula contains only carefully selected and only essential beauty ingredients (no fillers or cheap fragrances) these masks are of benefit to all skin types. They are your perfect go-to mask for weekly maintenance of your skin, when you want something that you know works and continues to improve the condition of your skin.

Key Ingredients

Ayama masks contains four highly moisturising ingredients:

  • Sodium Hyaluronate (a Hyaluronic Acid salt) that can deeply hydrate the skin improving the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
  • Collagen to moisturise and improve the firmness of the skin.
  • Ceramide which help to create a protective barrier on the skin locking in moisture, and preventing dryness and irritation.
  • Royal Jelly is used to promote wound healing and inflammation, as well as adding moisture and firmness to the skin.

As well as Vitamin C derivatives which promote bright and luminous skin.

Even the base essence ingredients have been carefully considered by Ayama. All of the base essence ingredients (the essence forms the base ingredients that hold the active ingredients) are gentle on the skin and ensure the optimum performance of the active moisturising and conditioning ingredients. 

Ayama masks are also fragrance, colour, alcohol and mineral oil free. Why is this important? All of these ingredients are potential irritants, leaving potential for reactions such as breakouts, dryness and redness. Everyone's skin is different, but if you are looking to avoid the potential for a negative reaction to a skincare product then these are good ingredients to avoid.



Available in Australia and Internationally from Tokyo Beauty Book

Where can you buy Ayama Moisturising Masks?

Japan: Ayama online store

Australia and the rest of the world: Tokyo Beauty Book online store .

Free Shipping available for Australian and International orders* + 3 free Japanese skincare samples with every order!




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