Ruhaku is the first organic anti-aging skincare brand from Okinawa, using the unique anti-oxidant power of the Gettou leaves. 

Okinawa is the island of longevity. 

A group of small islands in the south of Japan is famous all around the world for it's high life expectancy. 

The benefits of provided from the unique plants only found on the islands contribute to the health of it's inhabitants. 

GETTOU (Alpinia Speciosa) is one of the strongest antioxidant herb. Its leaves contain 30 times more polyphenols than red wine.

RUHAKU is the word created by combining RYUKYU. Indeed, Okinawa island located at the southern end of Japan used to be called Ryukyu (famous for its beautiful blue ocean, deep forest and exceptional longevity) and BIHAKU (clear and supple skin in Japanese.).

Ruhaku products are all made in Japan.